Har du lyst til at få din egen løbevirksomhed i Oslo ?

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Har du lyst til at få din egen løbevirksomhed i Oslo ?

Legg innav Lena-RunningCPH » 24 jan 2013 18:48

Hej Norske Løbere,

Jeg tillader mig at gatecrashe jeres super interessante forum her fra København, da jeg er ved at udvide min virksomhed Running Copenhagen til Oslo og håber at jeg kunne finde en samarbejdspartner herinde, som kunne have lyst til at starte op i Oslo på Franchise basis.

Jeg håber nedenstående forretningsmulighed kunne have interesse for nogle af jer herinde på forummet og håber at høre fra jer.

Glade Københavnske løbehilsener,
Lena - Stifter af Running Copenhagen (http://www.running-copenhagen.dk)

Do you love to run and dream of building your own business within the running industry ? Are you passionate about Oslo and have the finger on the pulse of the city ? Do you want to start your own business with minimum investment and with a proven concept ?

Running Copenhagen offers running sightseeing in Copenhagen, where we take foreigners and locals alike on guidet running tours in our capital. We have existed since 2011 and are now a team of 6 guides that provides running tours to tourists, conferences, tour operators and Danish companies. In addition to our main activity we also do some consultancy work, training and there are a few other exciting projects in the pipeline.

Based on the success in Copenhagen, we are now expanding to a handful of other cities. We are therefore looking for that passionate runner and "Osloer" who would be keen to set up a Running Oslo on a franchise basis.

You are:
• Passionate runner with an entrepreneurial interest
• You believe in providing an extraordinary experience and high customer service
• You are reliable, professional and good a networking
• Business acumen and basic IT skills an advantage
• Realistic and know that business success comes with hard work, team work and patience

We offer:
• Plug&Play website, 100% tailored booking system, marketing material etc. Running-Oslo can be up and "running" in a matter of weeks.
• A network of sponsors and partners within the running industry
• Access to a large network of Scandinavian tour operators and other tourism partners
• A team of super passionate Running Copenhagen guides who will share experience and support to ensure Running Oslo is set up most effectively.
• A network of running tour operators in other cities, who will assist in generating guests for your business
• A large contact base consisting of former customers, journalists, tourism partners, running specialists etc.
• An entrepreneurial environment that is open and optimistic to new ideas and opportunities
• An opportunity that in our opinion ranks as number one on the “world’s best and most motivating job” list

This is a unique opportunity to be responsible for your own business in a fashion that combines your passion for running and Oslo. Setting up Running Oslo can be done in parallel with a full- or part-time job or it can be a full time job from the start, depending on your current situation.

If this sounds like you then send an application to Lena Andersson via email: lena.andersson@running-copenhagen.dk . Also, feel free to call Lena on +45 20585877 if you have any questions or queries with regards to the franchise opportunity.
Lena Andersson
Stifter af Running Copenhagen

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