Why can Animal Crossing continue to be popular?

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Why can Animal Crossing continue to be popular?

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Why are Animal Crossing: New Horizons games so popular now? There are no special secrets. It all depends on the fact that this can be a well-made game. There is no end, no ultimate boss: now is your little world, do whatever you want. To better serve players, the ACBellsBuy store will also provide a variety of exquisite items. Players can choose Buy ACNH Items. Designed to provide a soothing, social, and imaginative experience. It happens in the future when we need it most.

This is an intuitive game and easy to master. Allows you to do whatever you want. And interact and connect with players in a meaningful way. The age data of the players are people in their 20s and 30s. They just play their latest version of the game to find nostalgia for the first time in their youth. In the game, players can also choose Buy ACNH Items. In short, the options are varied. According to the company's estimates, to date, about 40% of sales have come from female players.

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